Female Leaders: Know Your Value

Can you breakthrough leadership stereotypes to define your success?


Dr. Jill Guindon-Nasir, adjunct faculty member at the University of Virginia and former senior corporate director at the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, discusses how important it is for women leaders to build and exude confidence and recognize their true value.

Focusing on experience, skills and knowledge, Jill inspires women to dismiss leadership stereotypes, step beyond negative societal pressures and leverage their expertise.

Being confident in who you are and understanding what you bring to the table helps all leaders—regardless of age, gender or background—determine the right career fit and the steps to take to achieve your own definition of success.

I think, as being a woman leader, I think that it's no different than being a man leader. So why do I say that? I think there's a lot stereotypes put on us, and I think if we start to believe those, then that's what will become reality, right? Perception is reality.

So I think that we need to go in there and know that we're just as fit for the job if not even more fit for the job, that we have exactly what we need to do. We have the education behind us. We have the knowledge behind us, and I think it's just all about believing who you are. If you are the right person for that job, if you're the right person, that fit, like I said, for that organization, then you're going to get it. If not, another door is going to open, and you're going to shine somewhere else. And again it will be their loss, that organization that didn't take you.

So I think as a woman, you just need to be strong. You need to go forward. You need to not look at the stereotypes and worry about anything, and it's about just having balance. I think it's about standing up for yourself, having that balance. I have a little guy now at home, and you know it's okay to say, you know, I can go to that event or I have to do this thing. I give over 110% every single day of my work. But I know there are some certain things that I need to be there. I need to be at the Halloween costume party, or I need to be at the Santa party or something. There's nothing wrong with that. And I think it's all about just saying what you want and standing up yourself, where a man, I think, wouldn't be afraid to say those things, but a woman will think that that will be taken and maybe hurt them in their career.

And I think it's not about being afraid. You bring a lot to the table. You have to know your value, and you can't know your value until you know you're valuable. So I think that that's very important.

Dr. Jill Guindon-Nasir

Dr. Jill Guindon-Nasir has a passion for sharing best practices, implementing lessons learned and achieving sustainable results. She has over 20 years in business and has served at The Ritz-Carlton for almost 15 years. Her past positions...

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