Evolve: The Bigger Game for Organizations


One of the greatest challenges in trying to initiate change is overcoming the inertia that is inherent in an organization. The norms and culture—whatever those may be—create an atmosphere where change is often viewed with suspicion. The Bigger Game provides a means to engage employee passion, energy and creativity to inspire substantial, valuable change that will last over time. 

In this video, Robbin Jorgenson, founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change, explains how playing The Bigger Game will transform your business.

- Learn a new strategic framework that enables you to never feel “stuck” again.
- Know how to intentionally design change you wish to create.
- Understand how to create an engaging environment that others want to join.

    *Download the game board and descriptions: http://bit.ly/2OOlb6g 

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    Robbin Jorgenson

    Robbin Jorgenson is founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change. She is a highly successful businesswoman of more than 25 years, and a sought-after speaker and women’s leadership strategist. Robbin is the U.S. ambassador to AVEGA Agahozo...

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