Evolve: Resilience During Seasons of Change


Change is around every corner. Yet, it doesn’t have to be as hard, or more importantly, as scary as it can appear. The ability to be resilient in the face of change is key to navigating change successfully. The good news is that resilience isn’t a trait that someone has or doesn’t have. Anyone can develop resilience with a few intentional steps. 

In this video, Brandon Smith, a workplace communication expert who works with organizations to help cure workplace dysfunction, shares factors impacting change today, defines the traits that make up resiliency and provides actionable takeaways leaders can use for changes that come their way.

- Discuss the factors impacting change today.
- Define resilience and its traits.
- Discuss practical steps to become more resilient.

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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is a leading expert in workplace communication and “curer” of workplace dysfunction. Known as The Workplace Therapist, Brandon combines humor, research and practical steps to help audiences and organizations overcome som...

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