Evolve: Feedback Mastery

Receiving quality feedback at work is a top workforce engagement trend that continues to become more relevant as organizations navigate the 21st century. In response to this growing trend, many organizations are embracing continuous feedback and more frequent check-ins. For some organizations, this also represents fundamental changes to traditional performance review and talent development dialogue. As a result, now more than ever, we need to understand what it means to lead and contribute our talents with feedback mastery which is the ability to give and receive feedback effectively.    

Imagine you are in a room alongside everyone you work with and they are providing you with feedback about what you do uniquely well and what you could consider doing differently. Our speaker, executive coach Amy Balog, has facilitated a decade of these advanced feedback experiences and gained a deep understanding of the leadership advantage of feedback mastery. In this video, she shares the power of establishing our feedback mastery to elevate work relationships and create a lasting leadership impact.

Learning Objectives

  • What does feedback mastery look like in action?
  • Why does it matter we develop feedback mastery for the survival of our career?
  • How do we determine the health of feedback mastery in our key work relationships?
  • How do we cultivate rich ground for feedback mastery to grow?

Amy Balog

As an executive coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker, Amy wakes up every morning and pursues her passionate mission to show the world we can lead from our center not our circumstances. Amy’s clients’ experience a journey to discove...

Take Action

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