Webinar: Establishing Balance for High Performance


In today’s fast-paced world, stress is often a given in the workplace. But what about rest? Teams go through seasons of stress and seasons of rest, and it’s important for leaders to know the balance between the two. How do you encourage high performance regardless of which season your team is in?

In this webinar, Shane Jackson, president of Jackson Healthcare, explores the concept of balance as a tool in establishing high performance in people and organizations. Sign up!

1. Understand what creates increases in a person's capacity.
2. Understand how views of balance show up in organizational cultures.
3. Think about personal and team plans to create a balance that drives high performance.

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Shane Jackson

Shane Jackson is president of Jackson Healthcare, a family of 17 companies and 1,300 associates specializing in temporary and permanent healthcare staffing. Since taking the role in 2013, he has consistently led the nearly $1 billion ...

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