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Is leadership giving you more freedom?


Alan Schaefer is a former lead singer turned successful leadership entrepreneur. He founded Banding People Together, a performance improvement company that focuses on collaboration and the impact it has on team performance, employee engagement, leadership, and organizational change.

Team leaders often take time to develop practices and procedures for efficiency. Yet, despite this investment, many leaders still find themselves in the trenches instead of handing off a project to team members. Alan believes that your investment in leadership should release you from micro-managing or having to implement the tasks yourself.

Watch this video for insights into employee engagement and how it can help liberate you and help your team achieve its goals.

If we talk about collaboration and we talk about engagement, we believe that it's an investment. It's an investment of your time in other people. And not only is it going to help develop people, there's something in this for you as a leader. It's going to free you up. It's going to help you get the most out of your people. It's going to get people aligned.

And so the challenge that we have is that it's very easy to dismiss collaboration as kind of this, "Well this is touchy-feely communication, soft skill stuff and that doesn't keep me out of the hot seat on Friday's revenue call." And so do I fundamentally believe that this investment is going to yield over time? And for those that do, I think they see great success. I think for those who don't, they're scattered and they're chasing their tail and they're always trying to figure out how to create more time.

This is the way you create more time. What's the value that you can put on time? If I say to you, "Hey, I'm going to give you more time." Are you willing to invest in that? I think it should be an easy answer.

Alan Schaefer

Alan Schaefer is the president of Banding People Together, a performance improvement company that focuses on collaboration and the impact it has on leadership, team performance, employee engagement and change. He has been described as...

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