Empower Your Team to Own the Vision

Is your team invested in building your organization’s vision?

Lynn Lilly is an entrepreneur making an impact in the lifestyle and do-it-yourself (DIY) world as the CEO and founder of Craft Box Girls, an online destination for DIY enthusiasts and people looking for creative projects, recipes, fashion, and everything crafty.

In this video, Lynn describes how she built a passionate, committed team at Craft Box Girls so that contributed to the vision and became brand advocates from their first day on the job.

Lynn explains that by empowering her team to help build the vision, it has given them ownership of the brand. “I [brought] them in as founders and leaders and owners of our company, no matter what their position was...to feel like they are building this company together, whether they have ownership in it or they are a contract employee.”

Watch this video to hear more from Lynn about how to build strong teams who take ownership of the organizational vision, and visit her speaker page for more of Lynn’s leadership insights.
Building a team or a tribe, you can call it, with your company -- it’s very important from the beginning, realizing that you need a great strong team. So finding those people is a challenge, especially as a new business when you don't have large budgets. You've got to find people that are passionate about what you're doing and believe in your vision and want to be a part of creating that vision. That took a lot of time for me. It took finding some people that jumped on board and may not have been the right fit, but that's okay. That's all part of learning and growing. Now we've come to a place where we have a really great core team.

Bringing them on, for me, was bringing them in almost as founders and leaders and owners of our company, no matter what their position was. We listen to everything our team says. Having them have the opportunity to feel like they are building this company together, whether they have ownership in it or they are just a contract employee.

Bringing them into our vision was so important to me because I knew that I didn't have a huge budget to bring on full-time employees. I kind of, at the beginning, took what I could get from time from people and said, "Look, if you can give me X amount of hours a week, and stick to that commitment." That was important to me and holding them accountable for that. Whether I was giving them a portion of the company as equity and sweat equity, or we were paying them. No matter what it was, we saw it as an employment deal. No matter what their level was, they were a part of the vision in building what our company was going to be.

It comes with the ebbs and flows of the company. There are times when we are really busy. Right now, we're getting ready to launch our whole new redesign of our website. It's taken all hands on deck to make that happen. Our team knows that I'm not going to push you unless it's really important. I'm not going to ask you for extra hours and extra work. We just finished our book, which three of us, probably had five 16-hour days back to back but it was important. It was the passion that we knew was going to go into this book and the final product and everyone being a part of creating that book.

When we got a book deal, I said, "It has to be a team deal. I want our entire team to work on this book." That was important to me because that was something for us that our entire team, everyone being a part of creating that. From the photography, to creating the projects, to writing different parts of the book, it was a team effort. That really brings the passion in from someone that may just be a contract employee because they feel like they're building our vision together.

Lynn Lilly

After being laid off from her big time corporate job, Lynn Lilly took her savings and decided to follow her life long passion of crafting and entertaining. The road began on a few dollars, hard work, a lot hours and a lot of creativit...

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