Paying It Forward Through Mentorship

Are you creating a legacy of leadership?


Gary Schneeberger, president and founder of ROAR, has more than three decades of managing people and projects, with numerous opportunities to mentor those around him.

In this video, Gary discusses mentoring as a best practices for employee engagement, adding that nothing has been more rewarding to him in his professional life as mentoring others.

There's nothing more rewarding than the moment that someone that you've poured a concept into, you've poured some tactics into, you've spent some time getting to know who they are, you've tried to motivate them, when you see them sort of run off and succeed on a project. The reason that you spend time, the reason that I spend time, the reason that somebody spent time on me, that somebody spent time mentoring me, was to be able to sit back at some point and feel the joy of watching me be successful.

I've been so fortunate in that, while I was mentored, I've now mentored others. Really, it all boils down to seeing it all come together and watching the joy of a young leader learn tactics, learn experiences, learn ways to do things. Again, it's not just responding to the way you would do it. I don't want people to do things the way I would do it. I want people to do things the way that they would do it using the principles that were passed down to me that I'm passing on to them.

In the end, nothing professionally in my life has ever been more rewarding than just sitting back and just kind of going, "Yep, they get it. They're successful. They're going to then pass it on to their next generation, and that's exciting."

Gary Schneeberger

Gary Schneeberger's three decades in journalism and public relations fuel his passion for, and success in, strategic marketing and communications.

Gary is founder and president of ROAR, a full-service boutique communications a...

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