Earvin "Magic" Johnson


Leaders are chronic learners, and Earvin “Magic” Johnson—Basketball Hall-of-Famer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist—is proof of that fact. As a champion basketball player turned business leader, Magic attributes his pursuit of knowledge to his success. “I was thirsty and hungry for knowledge, and that’s what really got me started,” he says of his transition from court to boardroom in an interview at Leadercast 2020—Positive Disruption. He shares the following lessons he gained through his experiences on and off the court.

  1. Ignore the naysayers
  2. Lean on your team to win
  3. Mitigate your failures
  4. Use competitive threats to your advantage
  5. Know when to move on

"Your'e not going to define who I can become!"

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson

A five-time NBA champion, three-time league MVP, gold medalist, and Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, Magic has successfully pivoted his skills and tenacity from the basketball court to the boardroom as chairman and CEO of Magic Johns...

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