Don't Assume You've Crossed the Finish Line

Are you fully focused on the right priorities?


Ken Tracy, president of TaleMed, reveals the importance of perseverance and constantly raising your level of leadership. Ken shares his personal experience of missing out on a success that could have been achieved had he made a better decision based on focused priorities.

Ken explains that he was involved in a project where things were going well, so he turned his attention to another matter. Watch the video to learn more!

In 1994, I had the opportunity to work for the world's largest engineering construction company in the world, Fluor Daniel, and their internal network was outstanding. Training, making sure all of their people stayed on the cutting edge, making sure all of their projects were run at the highest level. What I learned from that, right there, is that the day you rest, and the day you don't try to achieve excellence, is the day you will fail.

I was involved in a project where things were going well and my attention really wasn't needed to that project. So for that reason, I moved on, and I looked at another project that needed more attention. What happened through that, is a project that was heading the right direction, that was successful, lost its leadership, lost its organization, and for that reason, lost money. Where the project over here that I was so desperately needed to pay attention to and to focus on, it came out okay but the end of the day, the financial return was nothing compared to what the financial return could have been over here.

It was a lesson that I learned that at no time do you ever assume that you've crossed that finish line. What happened in this project is I lost that focus and when that customer picked up the phone and called me and said to me, "Ken, you let me down," that was just like all the air in my balloon had just been let out because, at the end of the day, you work to help people and make them better. You don't work for the money, you don't work for the success. Those are outcomes to delivering the right product.

I learned a very valuable lesson that I started shifting my focus away from that client who I had a personal relationship with, knowing him, and I shifted it away and I let him down. I let him down on a deliverable that I knew should've been achieved, would've been achieved, if I would have stayed more engaged. I would encourage everyone, don't ever assume that you've crossed the finish line because you need to make sure that that client, at the end of the day, is happy, and if they aren't happy, your business won't be successful.

Ken Tracy

Ken Tracy was appointed interim president of Cincinnati Christian University in February 2014. The Board of Trustees affirmed him for the position permanently in May 2014.

A 1988 graduate of CCU, Tracy has 27 years of financia...

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