Developing a Solid Company Culture

Are you effectively communicating your company culture?


Michele Velcheck, CEO of Solid Source Real Estate Companies, discusses the key to establishing a strong company culture.

“The key to building a company culture that people want to be a part of is knowing the culture and communicating it effectively,” says Michele. She notes three ways her company communicates its culture of love, respect and fairness: providing a fair commission plan to agents, sending birthday presents to each of its 1,700 agents every year, and offering prayer and well wishes to agents and their families. 

Watch the video to hear more about what Michele’s company does to build a solid company culture.

The key to building a company culture that people want to be a part of is knowing the culture and communicating it effectively. Instead of focusing on growing Solid Source to a great number, we are extremely focused on character. And we share that with every person who's interested in joining our firm so that we are consistently bringing on agents who reflect our character of honesty and making right choices when nobody's looking.

Our culture is really based on love, respect and fairness. We offer a fair commission plan so that the agents get to keep more money for themselves and their family. It's a culture where everyone is respected regardless of their productivity. Each time that they connect with us, they know and feel deep, genuine respect and we love them every opportunity that we get. And we literally at our staff meetings discover new ways to love agents and that is our greatest joy.

When Solid Source opened, we had 30 agents by the end of year one and each one of them got a birthday present. Now we have over 1,700 agents, and each one of them still gets a birthday present every year from us. Some of the responses that we get when we send birthday presents are truly overwhelming. Some people write and say we're the only people that remembered their birthday this year. And then folks who have been here since 2003 are still overwhelmed that they get a present every year and remembering our agents' special day is such an honor for us.

Another way that we keep connected with so many people is through offering prayer to them every month. So, we send out a prayer request, just asking them can we pray for them about anything or celebrate a victory that they've experienced in their life. And with over 1,700 real estate agents that truly has kept us in their life through the valleys, through the celebrations, and when they are going through something tough. It's also an honor to be able to walk through that valley or be on the mountaintop with them.
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Michele Velcheck

Michele Velcheck is CEO of Solid Source Real Estate Companies in Atlanta. 

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