Develop a Personal Board of Directors

Who is in your immediate circle advising you?


In this video, tech entrepreneur and investor Nathalie Molina Nino explains that it’s frequently assumed that career success is due to pure grit and ambition. What she has seen to be true is that it is more about a person’s community. “Every step of the way, when I asked and when I was open and when I created community around myself, I noticed that progress was made,” says Nathalie.

It's very easy to hear the end of someone's story and feel satisfied that they got there through grit and ambition and wherewithal, but the reality is few people talk about the details of how I got from step one to step two and on. And what I tell anyone that I work with, who's early in their career, is that it very much hinges on community.

In my position, looking back, I look at the different battles that I fought, whether it was for my staff or for myself, and I noticed that the one thing that those moments have in common is that I tried to do them alone. And if I were to do it again, what I would do is I would create a network of allies, a network of people who look like me and who don't look like me, who I surround myself with as a sort of personal Board of Directors, whose ask from me is essentially to support me through achieving my various different goals.

And that requires being open and articulating what those goals are and it also requires being humble enough to ask. And the great thing about doing that is that once you go out and you're public about what you want and who you want to help you get there, you realize that there are a lot of other people that are also refraining from making the ask. And part of asking for help and creating a community around yourself is empowering others to do the same.

And I would say that, to me, that was the one key toward getting anywhere. It was finally breaking down that fear of being vulnerable and that fear of not knowing all the answers. And in every step of the way, when I asked and when I was open and when I created community around myself, I noticed that progress was made.

Nathalie Molina Niño

Nathalie Molina Niño is an impact investor focused on making a catalytic impact on women in the world. A technologist and coder by training, she’s a consummate entrepreneur, and a storyteller at heart, passionate about telling the oft...

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