Delegating Responsibility vs. Tasks

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Brittany Thoms, founding partner of the PR firm, See.Spark.Go., works internally with account teams and externally providing communication services to clients. As a leader in the organization, Brittany explains that by giving responsibility rather than tasks to check off a list allows employees to step up and stand out in an organization.

When leaders offer employees responsibility, it empowers them to take ownership of organizational goals and be accountable to their co-workers. Brittany adds that when leaders turn over the reins, they are supporting the professional development of future leaders, increasing individual confidence and improving the effectiveness of their organizational culture.

Watch this video to understand how delegating responsibility to your employees builds trust in the organization.

Oftentimes, we delegate tasks. And I've just been learning recently that when we delegate responsibility, we give others an opportunity to shine. And we really see what they bring to the table in light of their strengths, in light of their competencies, in light of what energizes them. I think when we delegate tasks, we miss out on that.

The difference in a task and a responsibility is massive. A task gets crossed off the list. A responsibility has so many nuances and different turns and twists that we allow individuals to take ownership of. So when we delegate responsibility, it's important to take a step back and realize that it might not get done the way that we would do it.

So that's one the hardest things as a leader to delegate is a responsibility, but when we do that we make the outcome not about ourselves. We make the outcome about letting someone else shine. So when we delegate a task, that's one thing, but when we delegate a responsibility, we're truly leading people to become the best leaders that they can be, which is ultimately achieving what we hope to do as leaders, which is to grow our team.

Brittany Thoms

Brittany Thoms, a savvy public relations and marketing professional, is the partner and communications strategist for See.Spark.Go. Brittany honed her PR agency skills at other Atlanta-based firms, where she serviced several nationa...

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