3 Keys to Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

How do you deal with difficult coworkers?


Former Judicial Assistant and business consultant, Jerome Wilson, addresses difficult conversations, how best to deal with difficult people in the workplace, and managing conflict with a human-first leadership approach.

Ideal insights for new and emerging leaders; people new to the workforce; students and Millennials, Jerome explains that every organization and team encounters difficulties. Jerome discusses the leadership behavior of empathy when helping team members deal with conflict, and adds that empathy builds trust and helps de-escalate potentially destructive situations.

Conflict in the workplace. I think that's something that's growing and the addressing of it has been growing. We have conflicts in the workplace, and it may just be about cubicle space, or it could be about a parking space. It's about being kind over being right.

Dealing with conflict is how do we approach the other employee, or the supervisor/employee relationship? How is it being addressed, the tone, a taking away. I look at dealing with an employee as the greatest thing would be to take them out of the room and speak with them personally to let them know that I'm really concerned about the issue, just as much as it concerns you. So I want to take out the quality time in the eight hours that we're here together to make sure that you know that the problem that you're having is very important to me, just as much as it's important to you.

Today we see a lot of arguing or bashing out sometimes in a workplace. That is not professional. One of the great things is to pull that person aside, I think, have a heart to heart conversation with them, and then kind of go directly in to find out what the problem is.

But then we have to understand in dealing with conflict in the workplace is that there are three sides to a story. His story, the other person's story, and there's the truth, and a lot of times we don't get to the truth. The main thing to do is to individually do a reenactment and hope that we can get to the truth, solve this issue, and then get these two to get back together to finish the vision or to be a productive team in a workplace.

Jerome Wilson

Before coming to Atlanta, in September 2005, Jerome briefly worked as “Director of Challenges” for the “Douglas Law Firm”. He successfully pioneered two political campaigns. Those victories opened doors for him to become a Judicial Assis...

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