Creating Sustainable Success

How do you create positive change and control complexity?


Steve Franklin, educator and author of Celebrate 100: Centenarian Secrets to Success in Business and Life, explains two keys to creating sustainable success: creating change and controlling complexity. According to Steve, creating change is “the visioning, casting the vision and communicating the vision,” while controlling complexity is “empowering people to build out, work out and successfully create the change that’s necessary” for long-term success.

It’s the leader’s role to create change and control complexity, says Steve, and in order to be a successful leader, he adds, “It can’t be either/or, it has to be both/and.” Watch the video to learn more!

I think leadership is defined by two things that leaders must do. One is I call it create change, and the second is control complexity. And the create change part is, I think, the visioning, casting the vision, communicating the vision. A leader has got to create change.

The controlling complexity part is then empowering people to build out, work out, successfully create the change that's necessary for an organization to be successful sustainably. You know, I say over and over again, because I've seen it so many times, nothing fails like success. We all know about companies today trying to figure out, "What are we going to be when we grow up? Now that we're 100 years old, what are we going to be the next 100?" Those kinds of things.

So I think that's the leader's role. So I define succinctly leadership is a leader has to create change and control complexity. Where there is no vision, people perish -- we've quoted that many times -- and life is messy. And they have to do both, I think, to be a successful leader. It can't be either/or. It's got to be both/and.

Steve Franklin

Dr. Steve Franklin is an educator, researcher, author, and business executive. He also is a Centenarian Wannabe on a mission to "capture their wisdom and wit" and share it with younger generations. While Associate Dean and tenured pro...

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