Creating a Culture Your Team Wants to Be Part Of

How are you engaging your team to create a good company culture?


Jennifer Garrett, communications strategist and account executive at See.Spark.Go, shares a few ways leaders can engage their employees to build a great company culture.

“[Culture is] not just about keeping someone in your organization, but it's about creating a place where everybody wants to come, and it makes everybody's work better and it makes everybody's life better,” says Jennifer.

Watch the interview to hear Jennifer’s tips on how to engage employees and establish an organizational culture people want to be part of.

I think the word "culture" gets thrown around a lot. And I have learned more and more that when I see other cultures, how rare the culture is for my team and what we get to do every day. I think there are a few key things that are really important with employee engagement. And it's not just about keeping someone in your organization, but it's about creating a place where everybody wants to come, and it makes everybody's work better and it makes everybody's life better. It's really, really true.

And one of the key ways that I think has really been successful for us is collaboration. We have what we call Spark Sessions, which brings in people from different accounts or even different areas of the business to work on one particular idea. It could be a specific campaign or a meeting that is coming up. We'll all come together and come up with an idea. And I think that that keeps people interested and excited. Not only does it bring variety and better ideas, but it could even move someone to an entirely different role that you didn't even realize they were passionate about.

Collaboration is a huge part for our team because we are small and growing, but we are mighty. We work with some organizations that are definitely changing the world. So we, without any doubt, can tell every person on the team, whether they are researching, whether they're writing a tweet or they're reaching out to national publications that they are part of changing the world. And a huge part of that is that not only do you have the influence to affect organizations and people changing the world, you also have the ability to influence our team. So, because of the size of our team and because of how closely we work together, the attitude that you bring, the drive, the passion, the creative ideas can influence what we do tomorrow. So every single person has the responsibility to come and bring that kind of spirit of the place that they want to work.

Another huge piece of employee engagement is asking questions. So asking people above you and below you, and around you what they care about, what they're doing. We make it probably too much of a practice to talk to our clients about who they are as people. We're on conference calls, we're meeting them in person, but also it's true for the people around us. Like, what's going on in your life outside of this campaign? And it's amazing how things begin to develop relationships, and everyone cares about what's going on and the things that we're doing as a team.

Another really neat thing that we try to incorporate as much as possible is to challenge people to try something new. So that's asking them, "Are you interested in a different area of the business or a different client, or learning something new?" Putting ads on Facebook. And we have a really neat process of requesting that, and so that you really can take an assignment outside of the work that you do and to challenge yourself. So it's really easy as a leader to put someone into a bucket and say, "These are the tasks that I need you to do," but instead by challenging the people around us, not only does that identify the leaders and who wants to run, but it also gets them more engaged and excited to come every day and know that they're not going to be stuck in a position or with certain tasks, but that they get to learn and grow. And to me that's exciting.
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Jennifer Garrett

Jennifer Garrett has been at See.Spark.Go since January 2014 after seven years in magazines, media and events. Her deep understanding of editorial content brings strategy and vision to clients and the SSG team for both social media an...

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