Craft Your Leadership Communication Style

Does your communication style match your audience?


Melissa Gordon, founder and president of EchelonCommunicate, talks about crafting your communication style to fit your audience. Through a personal experience in her leadership journey, Melissa shares that communication styles differ between leaders and their teams. 

For example, if your team prefers short and to-the-point information, it would be counterproductive to be lengthy and detailed. Knowing your audience’s communication style and tailoring your communication to their needs can significantly improve receptivity to your message.

Watch this video to discover the importance of crafting your communication style.

It's really important to understand people's communication style. And you could be very successful in one environment, and not in another based on your communication style.

I took a job at GE for a little while, a couple of years after having been a filmmaker for GE for like 15 years. And it was so funny, because as part of the film company I was sort of the buttoned up business one. I was the client contact, and I was the queen of the content. I called myself the "Queen of the Content" and the keeper of the business objectives. So the film doesn't get too creative, and often its own thing, we just make sure we really deliver on the business objectives.

So then I took this job at GE, and people would say, "Oh, you're so creative." And one of the things I learned surrounded by a lot of engineers is that it wasn't going to cut it to think aloud, to process out loud. They observed that I would go from here to here to here to here, and then and they'd say, "Get to the point."

And so I had to customize my style, and to say, "I'm losing points. I'm losing credibility because of my style." Whereas I just thought it was so fun to share the process, to try out a few things and, "What do you think?" And instead I learned you know what? Cut to the chase and don't speak until you're ready with your conclusion.

Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon is President and founder of EchelonCommunicate, LLC, the Leader’s communication company. Working at the intersection of great leadership and powerful communication, Echelon provides high impact learning programs, execut...

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