Coaching Tip: Invest in Few, Not Many

What’s the risk of trying to mentor everyone at the same time?


Kate Howard, National Sales Manager at Bush Brothers & Company in Minneapolis, is a strong advocate for investing in others. But her approach to coaching may surprise you.

In a world that applauds people who have hundreds of online followers, connections, friends, and likes, Kate prefers a more personal approach.

“In today's society, we're supposed to be everything to everyone,” Kate says. “So we are trying to invest in anyone we encounter and it just becomes a diluted message.

The great thing about investing in one person, Kate adds, is that after that person learns from you, he/she can pay it back and invest in someone else.

What is the risk of investing in too many people? Watch Kate’s video and find out!

Investment is where it all begins with coaching and leadership. I don't think you can skip that step. That's what we learned from the coaching relationship was investing in a few versus many.

The risk with investing in many is a diluted relationship I think. It's maybe a little less genuine and a little more about the result versus the person. We're organizations, we're teams of people. We're not just here to produce a product. We're all created for and made for community and desire that. So I think you lose a lot of that when you're investing in a whole bunch of people. You can't do it as well.

And I think in today's society we're supposed to be everything to everyone. So we are trying to invest in anyone we encounter and it just becomes a diluted message. The great thing about investing in, let's say one person, is that that person learns from you, does life with you and then goes off and can do it with someone else. So the benefit for investing in few people versus many is a concentrated message versus a diluted message.
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Kate Howard

Kate is a National Sales Manager with Bush Brothers & Company, based in Bentonville, Arkansas. Kate is from Nebraska and found her way to Arkansas through moves for her job where she met her husband, Jason. She is now a leader in ...

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