Coaching-Management Principles

Are you meeting others where they are in the moment?


Shira Miller, chief communications officer at National DCP, explains a few principles to keep in mind when coaching others.

“Coaching is all about the client in the moment,” explains Shira. “It's looking forward and visualizing the outcomes that they want and helping them get there.”

Watch the video to hear more coaching-management principles from Shira.

Coaching is all about the client in the moment. And here's the deal: Coaching doesn't just focus on yourself as a business, it's all parts of you because everything is so interconnected. There can be pressures that you've got at home that will impact how you are at work and vice versa. So it's really about identifying in the moment what do you want to focus on.

Typically, in coaching, you might have a couple of different sessions each month. It could be done over the phone, it could be in person, but then you'll meet your client exactly where they are in the moment. So for a CEO, it could be, "I'm dealing with a different set of pressures from the board," or, "I'm thinking of a decision that could have a whole myriad of ramifications, some good some bad, but is important for the health of our business." And it's helping somebody figure that out fully in their own mind, overcoming obstacles and trying to focus on the best-case scenario.

So it's looking forward and visualizing the outcomes that they want and helping them get there. In addition to focusing on executive coaching, I happen to be a communications and brand image expert. And so when I look at a situation, I can advise people on the whole spectrum. I start out with the belief, the very strong belief, that people are creative and they're whole. So a lot of times they've got the answers that they're looking for.

But then it can kick into, what kind of audiences are you looking to impact? How do you want to present this information? It could be everything from your presentation style to strategizing, almost as you would a political campaign, how you want to influence the audiences around you.

I've had the pleasure of working with C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, people with small companies, billion-dollar entities and the common parallel is that they're interested in being their best self and rising and elevating everybody around them. So whether you are somebody who's just starting out in the workforce or have been there 30 years, we can all benefit from continued growth.

Shira Miller

An award-winning communications strategist and executive coach, Shira Miller focuses on identifying and developing best-case possibilities for companies and their people. Shira currently serves as chief communications officer at the N...

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