Co-Create Your Life

How can you be bold in your personal vision for your life?


Sharon Frame worked incredibly hard to become a speaker, CNN anchor, author and leader. And nothing about it happened by chance - not the height of her success or the path she took to get there. In this video, Sharon explains why it’s important to co-create your life. In other words, why it’s crucial that we think about a vision for our lives and then boldly go after it. Opportunities don’t just fall in our laps, they are the result of relationships and reputation.

“We are in a society resplendent with opportunities and possibilities,” says Sharon. “But the question is, what will you do towards that? When will you step out and jump?”

When I grew up, I grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and there was this leader in my church who probably was one of my first mentors. And he would corner me after church and encourage me to pursue my goals. He knew I wanted to be a public speaker because I was an Oratorical contest winner for quite some time as a teenager growing up.

I remember him saying, "Sharon, you're going to work for CNN. Sharon you're going to be the next Jessica Savitch." And for those who don't know who Jessica Savitch is or was, she was the shining television anchor star for NBC back then. And as a teenager thinking, "Yeah, right." But a seed was planted and years later it blossomed into a possibility for me. Having spent years in local television I thought, "Probably I can work for CNN."

At that time I was working in local news as an anchor. I had been there for almost 10 years, the longest I've ever stayed at one station. And I thought, "If I'm going to do it, it's going to be now." So two weeks before my tenth anniversary, I submitted my resignation, I put my house up on the market and I got a plane ticket to Atlanta, not having anyone call me saying "Hey, Sharon, we saw your tape. You're lovely. Come visit." No, no, no. I was co-creating my life. And this is very important for us to understand that we can lead our lives by co-creating with God. I believe that with all my heart.

Whatever it is that you desire, you go for it taking calculated risks and that's what I did. I got an interview on the side with someone who was not even in the newsroom and I remember her saying, "I've got a job but it's not in the newsroom." In my heart I'm thinking, "Give me job, I'll get to the newsroom once I get in the door." She said, "No," she said, "Let's pray."

Very interesting. Pray that you'll end up where you're supposed to be. And she introduced me to the gentleman who eventually gave me the chance to be a freelance writer and ultimately an anchor for CNN. It was an opportunity that I seized but it wasn't something that was there in my face. It was something that I created because I believed and moved out.

I believe that opportunities are all around us. We are in a society resplendent with opportunities and possibilities. I think when you move out and believe not just in your head but manifest it by working towards that goal, that's when you see the sweet spot, that's when the brilliance opens up for you. Most people or many people I should say desire things, they want, they yearn, they hanker, they crave to have a better life, a better job, a better relationship.

But the question is, what will you do towards that? When will you step out and jump? When will you seize the opportunity that might not be physical, but it's in your heart? Because I believe once you conceive an idea, it is entirely possible to make it real because it already exists. The possibilities already exist in the universe. We simply pull it down and manifest it and make it work for us. That's what I believe.

Sharon Frame

Sharon Frame is an award-winning CNN anchor and writer, dynamic international speaker and acclaimed author. Sharon combines her 20+ years in TV journalism along with her expertise in public speaking, marketing and sales. She works wit...

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