Changing the Mindset of Your Organization

Why is change management important to your organizational development?


Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP SE, says that one of the most important aspects of approaching change is to tackle "the mindset of what is possible." He describes the simple change management concept of "Double It" that his company has used to create incredible change and growth in a very short time.

“Whatever business you're running, whatever dreams, goals or aspirations you have for yourself, Double It as of right now,” Bill challenges.

Do you have a clear vision of why is change management important? When team members ask you about it, can you respond with authority? Watch this video to build your change management skills.

I worked my way up at SAP. I came in, in 2002. The operation at that time, working for a great brand like SAP, was sort of the fledgling story within a great company. In America they had missed their plan 23 out of 24 quarters. If nothing else, they were consistent. And we started to think about what had to change. The first thing that has to change is the headset about what's possible.

I have an idea for you today, and the idea is really simple: "Double It." Whatever business you're running, whatever dreams, goals or aspirations you have for yourself, Double It as of right now. So we went in there with a real simple vision. What it took you all 25 years to do, we will do it in the next 3. We're going to build a leadership team around a clear vision and a strategy and we're going to execute like never before.

What was quite fascinating, just on these very simple principles of commitment, leadership, a clear plan, and dynamite execution, that organization became the fastest-growing one in the company. And we went from an organization that had 4,000 jobs to an organization that had 20,000 jobs.
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Bill McDermott

Bill McDermott was appointed co-CEO of SAP alongside Jim Hagemann Snabe on February 7, 2010. He was then promoted to sole CEO (the first American in the company's history) in 2014. In this capacity, and also as a member of the executi...

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