Change Management Models for Millennials

How do you empower Millennials during organizational change?


Dr. Becky Barker teaches organizational leadership and higher education courses at the University of Oklahoma, with a mission of empowering students to become effective leaders.

In this video, Becky shares the importance of communicating with and engaging your Millennial team members during change management initiatives in your organization.

Becky explains that with every passing year, the gap widens between those who are leading organizations in corporate America and new hires. She poses this key question to today's leadership: How would you explain organizational change and development to new employees and emerging leaders?

Through her own experiences working with college students, Becky discusses the need for leaders to stay current; to understand and leverage trends, social media and the latest technologies; and to provide consistent communications and an engaging culture for Millennials in your organization.

I know a lot of my friends work in corporate America. They may own their own business and they don't understand new college graduates and what they're looking for. We're an office of three and I have an employee that is in their 20s and one in their 30s. Every year the gap widens between me and that incoming freshman. And now I am perceived as maybe their parent. I'm the same age as many of their parents. So I have to stay current in what is going to appeal, speak to young people, and that Millennial hire really does that. They're my magnet. They're the ones who, for me, bring the students in.

For a lot of industries they will be the one who brings the new customer in, or the new client. And keeping current and surrounding yourself with people that are skilled in technology, creativity, understanding pop culture, those are key things that are hard to keep up with today. So I try to tell a lot of my friends just in conversation about how powerful that can be and also how much fun it can be. I have a lot of fun at work working with college students and young professionals. So I think we have to be open to those types of things if we want to continue to be successful. As hard as it may be sometimes.

Dr. Becky Barker

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Barker has worked in higher education since 1985 in various roles in student leadership development and leadership education. Her current work at the University of Oklahoma focuses on empowering college students to...

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