Challenge Your Employees to Grow

How can you inspire others to continually develop?


Ken Tracy, President of Cincinnati Christian University, identifies the necessity of developing a training standard.

In this video, he shares the personal experience of challenging a leader to grow and why development is beneficial regardless of expertise. Discover how you can inspire your employees by communicating a standard, holding to your belief that training is essential and not backing down, even if you encounter resistance.

Any great leader will realize that they cannot be successful unless their people are successful. So with that involved, training is such a huge essential for growth in your people. There was a story of an individual. We had just implemented new technology, and this individual believed that there was no reason at all he needed to be trained in the new technology because he already knew everything. And this new technology, he wasn't going to use it anyway so he just didn't need the training.

Well, as a leader you can take two stances. You can say, "You know what, you're right. Just go ahead. Just be yourself and just sit and do nothing and don't grow." Or set a standard, "Everyone will grow and everyone will be required to have training." Discipline is what the key is. Many leaders lack discipline because they will waiver on the feedback that they get from their employee.

I made it mandatory; he needed to go. He wasn't happy. I went back to him the day after, asked him how training was. He said he didn't go. I said, "Well, why didn't you go?" He said, "I didn't think it was necessary." I said, "It's necessary. You need to go. Not only now do you need to go, but you're going to need to go and the next class you're going to need to train. So you now have put yourself in the position to be trained the trainer." So for that reason his one hour led to three hours. His three hours led to being a huge support system for the new technology we had. And at the end of one month he came into my office and he said to me, "Thank you. I never realized how valuable training was until you pushed me that way."

All I encourage all leaders to do is this: stay disciplined in your belief. You're going to get thousands of opinions on training. You're going to get thousands of opinions of people that they don't need to grow. Challenge your employees to grow. It's the mom and dad scenario. If you want your child to remain at one year of age, then just keep them there and don't do anything for them, and your child will not grow. Same with your employee. Encourage your employees to grow. Set a course for them to grow, and let them reach their potential because at the end of the day they'll respect you more for that.

Ken Tracy

Ken Tracy was appointed interim president of Cincinnati Christian University in February 2014. The Board of Trustees affirmed him for the position permanently in May 2014.

A 1988 graduate of CCU, Tracy has 27 years of financia...

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