Can Failure Bring You Closer to Success?

How can failure redefine your possibilities?


Has a failure in your professional career ever made you feel uncertain about what to do next? Sharon Frame, award-winning CNN anchor, dynamic speaker and acclaimed author, shares insights from her own career challenges. In this video, Sharon recalls a time when she was demoted and the internal battle that ensued because of her negative view of failure. One important lesson learned from that struggle, says Sharon, is that “failing does not mean failure.”

Sharon decided to look at failure differently. Often when we fail or don’t meet a goal, we equate that with rejection or conclude that we are deficient. Sharon reframes failure to see it as “the opportunity to get closer to success.” Attempting to achieve a goal, whether you realize the goal or not, means that you are aiming, intending and planning to achieve. In fact, Sharon explains, failure to achieve can be the driving force that “pushes out the door” and on to greater dreams.

Can failure bring you closer to success? Listen as Sharon describes her experience, and see if it shifts your perspective.

When I had a situation in my life where I was demoted from a prominent position on television and had to go through the agony of thinking that, "Oh my goodness, how will my viewers view me now that I'm no longer the prime time anchor? What will they say about me?" I had to fight that internal battle.

But then I had to find within myself the strength to know that just because you failed, failing does not mean failure. Failure gives you an opportunity to bring you closer to your success. Failure gives you an opportunity to reassess where you are and to be bigger, better and stronger.

So I took that "failure" and identified where am I and where do I want to go? Had I not gotten that one failure manifested in my life, I would not have taken the step to go to CNN because I would have been very happy being the main anchor in a local station. In my comfort, I was discomforted because I knew it was time for me to leave. So sometimes failure pushes out the door.

Failure forces us to make that jump. That desire that's in us, failure tells us that you can be better than this. You can learn how to plug in. Plug into your dreams, power up, get the skills necessary to be a better person and then push through. Do not give up no matter how hard it looks. When people tell you no, just say, "Aha, I'll show you. Because it brings me closer to my yes." When people tell you no, I'll say, "Wait a minute, I defy impossibility."

Sharon Frame

Sharon Frame is an award-winning CNN anchor and writer, dynamic international speaker and acclaimed author. Sharon combines her 20+ years in TV journalism along with her expertise in public speaking, marketing and sales. She works wit...

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