Building Vulnerability-based Trust

How are you building trust as a leader?


Alan Schaefer is a former lead singer turned successful leadership entrepreneur and founder of Banding People Together, a performance improvement company. In this video, Alan talks about building trust, one of the cornerstones of ethical leadership. But vulnerability-based trust can have a greater impact on leadership.

Alan underscores our team’s need for honesty, ownership and space to address concerns. Trust cannot be built overnight, but when leaders employ vulnerability-based trust, they have the opportunity to build bravery and authenticity on their teams and within their organizations that can lead to innovation and build a culture that rivals any industry competition.

Watch this videos about ethical leadership and vulnerability-based trust.

So one of the real core ideas in our methodology is around trust, and when we talk about trust, we talk about the vulnerability aspect of trust. We fundamentally believe that on a human level, and especially on a leadership level, that vulnerability comes from a place of strength, not of weakness. And I think that it's part of the burden of leadership, that there are times where you have to stand up in front of those that you lead and deliver less than favorable news.

Owning it, and being honest, and giving people a platform to address their concerns, even if they are concerns bordering on grievances, it's part of the gig. Everything in our organization gets head on and those are the conditions that we've created together, but it started with me, on a leadership level, going, "Well, what kind of band are we going to be? And what do I want it to feel like every day when we show up together?"

This is a human thing. This is not a business thing. And in this day and age, the only advantage that you have to gain market share over your competitor down the street, is your people. I think Peter Drucker said it best, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." So what are you going to do about it, and how much do you believe it, is I think, my challenge to those watching and listening.

Alan Schaefer

Alan Schaefer is the president of Banding People Together, a performance improvement company that focuses on collaboration and the impact it has on leadership, team performance, employee engagement and change. He has been described as...

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