Building No-to-Yes Relationships

In your negotiations, are you considering what the other person needs to succeed?


Years of experience in strategic marketing and communications has taught Gary Schneeberger, founder and president of ROAR, that it’s nearly impossible to turn a no into a yes if you don’t know the person with whom you're interacting. He adds that you also have to understand what motivates the people with whom you are communicating, what their goals are, and the way in which your product or service meets their needs.

Listen as Gary offers an authentic approach to turning a no into a yes.

So how do you turn a no into a yes? It's based on knowing the person that you're interacting with. It's almost impossible to turn a no into a yes if you don't know the person. If you don't understand what they're in, in my world, what their publication or their radio station or their television station, what does their audience want to see. You've got to know that, and then you've got to find a way to frame what you have and show them, evidentially, this is exactly what your audience wants. Here's why your audience will like this.

The art of turning a no into a yes is basically refusing to take the no. It's continuing to come at it in a way that allows you to speak to what the person on the other end of the conversation needs to do to be successful. That person wants, if they're a television station, they want people to watch their show. You've got to convince them that by doing a story on this project that I'm promoting that's going to help them with their show.

And the key to making that work, because you can fool anybody once, you can sort of manipulate your way into getting a no into a yes but if then their audiences don't turn up, that's the last time that's ever going to happen. You've got to make it win-win. It's a win for you as the marketer as the person whose trying to get the no turned into a yes because you get coverage for your show and you get to check off the box that you send into the client that you're working for. But for the person you're trying to convince, they've got to see return too. Because, if they do, they're going to come back to you because they're going to be trustworthy. That's why it's important not to manipulate your way through it.

Gary Schneeberger

Gary Schneeberger's three decades in journalism and public relations fuel his passion for, and success in, strategic marketing and communications.

Gary is founder and president of ROAR, a full-service boutique communications a...

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