Build Relationships and the Business Will Come

Would you do business with someone you don’t trust?


Nkrumah Pierre, director of business development and Friends of the Firm program at EisnerAmper, is known as a “master connector”—using his experience in human behavior and motivation to make positive introductions and build values-based relationships.

In this video, Nkrumah offers proven insights and key steps for building strong relationships that ultimately build business. And it all begins with leadership values such as integrity, authenticity and likability. Drawing from his years of experience and track record as a master connector, Nkrumah shares relevant stories, challenges and solutions.

We're in a human capital business. As you all know, humans, we tend to be a little unpredictable at times. But from a human standpoint, it's all about the relationship.

So if I can add value professionally and also personally, that's a win-win, if you will. But what I've learned is when you have those relationships first and you build a strong relationship, the business will come.

At the end of the day, someone can have an awesome product, but if you don't like them, it might be difficult to do business with them. Now, for example, Goldman Sachs, right, one of the best investment banks in the world. You may not like the person you deal with, but you're dealing with Goldman Sachs so that business might happen.

But in the event where you have two service providers that are both equal and they have two different sales reps and one guy you really, really like and one girl you really don't or whatever, you will do business with the person that you like.

Trust, in my opinion, is probably the most important because you can like someone that can have a great service, but if you don't trust them, most likely you won't do business. If you're untrustworthy, or you're a liar, it's really tough to negate that. But the other things, in my opinion, you can kind of work towards.

Then the respect piece. Respect is earned, not given, especially in my business. So if you respect someone and they've earned your respect, I think the business relationship will be even more critical and even more powerful.

Nkrumah Pierre

Nkrumah Pierre is a director with EisnerAmper’s Friends of the Firm (FoF). He provides support to clients seeking to hire accounting, finance and human resources executives. In addition, through the FoF program, Nkrumah offers a uniqu...

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