Brands That Win Are Brands That Care

Are you truly listening (and responding) to your customers?


The brands that are winning are the ones that care -- they care about their customers, their mission, their authentic voice. In this video, brand and social media expert, James Andrews, asks: what would you pay for your customers to positively talk about you to their circle of influence, friends and colleagues?

Customer service is the new public relations, adds James. Through social media, you have an opportunity to serve your customers, form relationships with them, and, most importantly, to listen and respond.

The brands that are winning? It's easy. You ask this question all the time and you want to know the answer? The brands that are winning are the ones that care. They care about their customers.

I'm a huge Delta loyalist. I've got a story for you. I was coming home from Paris, I was coming to Atlanta. And I thought that becoming "diamond" was a big deal, at least it was a big deal for me, not to my wife who was annoyed by the fact that I was so proud of becoming diamond.

So I nudged her and said, "I'm going to send a tweet to my favorite airline, Delta, and they should throw me a parade by the time I land in Hartsville." And so I sent a tweet, even though she didn't want me to. I said, "@Delta I'm landing in Hartsville," and the number of hours," and you, Delta, because I'm becoming diamond, should throw me a parade."

Well in the middle of my flight, a flight attendant wakes me up and says, "Mr. Andrews, here's a bottle of wine. We hear you're qualifying for diamond."

I looked at my wife, threw it in her face, obviously. And said, "Yes, they listened to me." I went back to sleep and thought that was it. And by the time I got to Atlanta, there was five red coats with a sign "Mr. Andrews," and they paraded me through Hartsfield.

I was really excited. My airline of choice, the one I'm loyal, to listened to me in social media. How do you put a price tag on that?

Well, after that parade I received in Hartsfield, I actually had a blog post that I wrote about Delta. You know, look, Delta knows I have 20,000 followers on Twitter and I have my own blog and I have influence in social media, but it's the fact that they actually listened to me that creates loyalty. I only fly Delta now. I talk about Delta, I give this story on stages around the world. What would you pay for that, for someone like me talking about social.

Well that's really what we're talking about. Customer service is the new PR. And the opportunity to serve people, and to serve people who have phones and devices and the ability to talk to their communities, that's the new PR. That's the new opportunity that you have. And what would you pay for that, what would you pay for me to tell 20,000 people everyday that I love Delta? It's actually in my bio if you go to my @keyinfluencer Twitter account. What would you pay for that? What does that mean to you? What's the relationship worth?

And so I think what we're seeing is that customer service and social media are linked. And that you've got an opportunity, a real opportunity, to super serve your customers and to create a relationship with them. And that's going to be the difference between your business and your competitor. That's going to be the difference whether you're around or not around. I truly believe that. Because we the people, we the consumers, we the people who are flying your airlines, or eating at your restaurants, or using your services, or your products have a new power, a new opportunity to be authentic, to be real, to be honest about how we feel.

And then on the other side, to not wait for an ad. To not wait for a TV commercial to tell our fans, to tell our consumers how we feel. So there's this great opportunity to serve each other in a way that we've never seen before. I and my business do not have to wait for a newspaper article. I can do it today, right now. I can tell all my clients I love them on Twitter.

And conversely, the people who buy my products and services have an opportunity to tell me right now that they love my product or hate my product. And so it's a new paradigm. It's actually a tremendous opportunity that brands can get this, that companies can get this, that people as individuals can get this. The power of that is enormous, and we're just getting started.

So, you have an opportunity. Super serve your customers, serve them a great product and a great service and then listen to them, listen to them and respond. Surprise and delight them the way that Delta surprised and delighted me, and I guarantee you it'll go a long way.

James Andrews

James Andrews serves as Chief Digital Evangelist for Studio Good based out of their East Coast office. Studio Good is an award-wining digital and social good agency bringing together brands, celebrities, cause, online actions, and rea...

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