Brand Building: How to Pick Clients That Matter

Does your strategic vision include working with clients you like?


Communications strategist and executive coach, Shira Miller, talks about strategic vision, building your brand and choosing clients that matter. Shira explains that working with clients whom you respect and who align with your organizational strengths and mission significantly increases employee motivation and the enthusiasm with which employees undertake projects and services. Shira also shares that building your authentic organizational brand may mean saying no to certain potential clients.

Discover the advantages of developing the right mix of clients, branding, vision and mission.

One important aspect of having a happy workplace, and making sure that your workforce is energized, is working with people that you like and respect, making sure that the clients you take on are people that you would be proud to represent, and that when you go home, when you're finished with the project, you think to yourself, "I did great work, and I am thrilled to be able to help this brand."

Here's a way to figure out if a client makes sense or not. Don't even pay attention to the checkbook. Pay attention to how you feel around them. When you are representing their brand, does it energize you? Do you feel like you're making a difference in the world or an impact? Look at your employees. Are people excited to come to work, or do you see their energy dwindling? Is it hard to come up with new creative ideas or deliver the kind of results that normally you have no problem with?

I found, in the days when I used to have a PR agency, when I got rid of all the clients that we were just trying to be everything to everybody and only focused on brands that we liked and we cared about personally, our business soared. We became wildly successful because we really looked forward to going to work each day.

Saying no to clients is the key to success because it takes courage. You are putting your stake in the ground to where you want to go and who you want to go there with. Once you do that, the universe responds, and it's amazing. It can happen pretty quick. When you get that picture in your mind of the right clients and who you want to work with because it feels good and you're proud to represent them for all of the right reasons, the clients are going to come in. The referrals are just going to come in. You will be busy beyond your wildest dreams.

Shira Miller

An award-winning communications strategist and executive coach, Shira Miller focuses on identifying and developing best-case possibilities for companies and their people. Shira currently serves as chief communications officer at the N...

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