Bold Leaders Have a Specific Mission

Are your daily activities focused on your mission?


Leadership expert, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries, Andy Stanley, talks about one aspect of bold leadership that he feels is necessary across all organizations, all industries: Bold leaders have a specific mission.

This distinctive quality reveals that bold leaders exhibit both courage and laser-sharp focus. Boldly going after a specific mission requires the capacity to say “no” and align priorities around those activities that solely contribute to the accomplishment of that mission.

Watch the video as Andy talks about the outstanding results of a focused leader.

These past couple of weeks we've all watched the chaos in Baltimore, and in Baltimore there are all kinds of people with all kinds of titles and positions that found themselves scrambling around and trying to leverage their influence and leverage their leadership to get something done and to solve that problem, to address those issues as they should. But there was one undisputed bold leader that emerged in Baltimore. Maybe you saw this. This is Toya Graham right here.

When Anderson Cooper asked her if she was concerned about embarrassing her son, she said, "Not at all. Not at all." In fact, I love this. Here's what she said. This is fantastic. "I wasn't there to be recorded" "What were you there for? What was your goal? What was your mission? What were you trying to accomplish? Did you have it on a card? Did you keep it on your mirror?"

"I was there to get my child." "Could you be a little clearer? What were you trying to do? We're confused." There was no confusion. "I wasn't there to be seen. I wasn't there to impress anybody. I wasn't there because I thought I had something that nobody else had. I had a very specific mission. I was there to get my son."

My friends, that is the essence of bold leadership. It is clarity around an unreasonable commitment to something that should be in every single one of you. Every single one of us has the potential to exhibit that in some arena of life.

Andy Stanley

Leadership communicator, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries Andy Stanley inspires tens of thousands of people. Andy founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995, leading six churches in the Atlan...

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