Being a Multidimensional Leader

What qualities can you develop to be an all-around leader?


Syrine Reese, principal HR consultant at Brainy HR Solutions, discusses four key qualities necessary to be a multi-dimensional leader—a leader capable of handling any situation and any employee.

1. Authenticity

2. Humility

3. Vulnerability

4. Connecting

Watch to learn how Syrine applies these qualities to her leadership journey and think how you can do the same.

Being a multidimensional leader is extremely important to me because it means that a) it's not one thing that you're good at and you recognize that there are a multitude of things that you have to be good at or at least aware.

So, one which is critically important for me is be your authentic self as a leader. Be yourself, because with that comes confidence and people relate to that. They relate to a person who's comfortable in their own skin and embracing your failures and your triumphs is very, very important. So, being authentic is extremely important.

So, two, humility. As a leader, it's extremely important to me to be humble and to live with a sense of humility. The reason is because the superficial things and the accolades that you tend to accumulate as a result of being successful, those things aren't real. They're not real. And at any given point, they can be taken away from you. So, you have to rely on your core and you have to stay connected to your source. And that makes you humble.

So, being authentic, living with a sense of humility as a leader and recognizing that you are and you have the opportunity and ability to impact far and wide, and so taking that and being humble about it means you respect it.

Three, vulnerability. Vulnerability is really important. I have to tell you, I have just learned how important that is. So, my existing leader has mentioned to me on many occasions, "Syrine, you have to be more vulnerable." This was about a year ago. I'm like, "What does he mean by that? Be vulnerable? I'm at work. I'm not crying." So, that's how it kind of translated to me.

I realized throughout our one on ones and our conversations he meant show your imperfections and be okay with that because being an overachiever like I am, sometimes you put forth this perception that everything is perfect. "Nothing's wrong. No, no, no, I've got it all under control," when inside you're screaming, "Oh my god, how am I going to get all this done?" People want to help you when they feel that you're vulnerable and you're willing to share your imperfections. And I thought that was a weakness, when in fact it's a strength.

And four is be a connector. You have to be relevant. You have to maintain relevancy, particularly in this market, where everything is changing so quickly. And if you're being your authentic self and you're connecting with individuals, then you can relate. You really start to identify synergies and similarities, which I think leads to innovation.


Syrine Reese

With nearly 20 years of progressive and diverse human resources experience, Syrine A. Reese is recognized as a successful organizational change agent, builder, mentor, community leader, entrepreneur, and mother of two.


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