Attracting Diverse Candidates

Is your organization culturally prepared for diverse thought?


Kyle Tothill—co-founder, partner and managing director of eHire—shares what leaders can do to incorporate diversity and inclusion into their hiring process.

“My advice for organizations that are seeking to become more diverse and more inclusive is, first and foremost, understand that it is a challenge and it requires a long-term commitment,” says Kyle. “Being inclusive is being culturally prepared for diverse thought.”

Watch the video for more about how to build a diverse and inclusive team.

My advice for organizations that are seeking to become more diverse and more inclusive is, first and foremost, understand that it is a challenge, and it requires a long-term commitment. There is no quick fix button for diversity recruiting. It is a specific, long-term goal, and to be a diverse organization you have to be inclusive. That's why those two words are tied together. You have D&I programs, or diversity inclusion programs.

Being inclusive is being culturally prepared for diverse thought. And so if we just take a look at one basic diversity measurement, like gender diversity, is your organization set up for working parents? Right? Does your meeting start too early? Are you flexible about when people can come? Do you understand that work-life balance as it relates to people with children, right, or single mothers? Just as an example. Or do you understand if you're overweighted on the male gender, do you understand what the female gender needs to feel welcome in a workplace? Right?

So understanding the word "inclusive" and understanding those items first will really help you attract diverse candidates. And then, when you make that move, and you really make it an initiative, it's got to be something that is a three- to five-year goal. It cannot be, "Hey, we're going to be more diverse this year. Yay."

It's a long-term process, right? It is getting out in the community, engaging with sources that can help produce diverse candidates, whether that's chambers of commerce or historically black colleges or you name it. But recruiting broadly and being engaged broadly and making sure that you're putting yourself out there for those communities will really help you drive those programs.
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Kyle Tothill

Kyle Tothill is co-founder, partner and managing director of eHire, LLC. Kyle is a proven entrepreneur, sales leader, and talent-acquisition and career-management expert. He is considered a growth-enablement professional focused on he...

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