Are You Working Yourself Out of a Job?

Are you building up the leaders of tomorrow?


Harmony Hensley is a speaker, entrepreneur and ambassador for 99 Balloons—an organization whose mission is to change the language of disability worldwide.

In this video, Harmony discusses that in order for organizations to have longevity and sustained success, leaders must set goals for developing those they lead and provide them with the training and support that will enable them to lead others.

Watch the video to learn the steps leaders must take to ensure they are continually developing those around them.

One of the things I'm often heard saying is that good leaders work themselves out of a job and I mean that in every sense. So the hard part of that means as a leader, having the humility to know that this vision that I'm chasing is going to outlive me and if I care about it enough, if I really love what I'm leading, then I should want that to happen. So it means completely casting off any expectations of grandeur and being famous as a leader, but really going deep with the people I'm leading and understanding that there are seasons of leadership.

There are people that you are going to be able to go really deep with, that you're going to do life with, but then they are also going to reach a time where they start to have a little bit more of their bearings as a leader. So you start to give them things where they don't need to work with you as closely, where they can start to branch out and raise up other leaders below them. But you're still there to provide support. So you're really creating this kind of trickle down effect of leadership.

I liken it to that image that we've seen of all the champagne glasses that are stacked and there's that big bottle at the top that's pouring into it constantly. Leaders cannot give away that which they do not possess. If you're not pouring into them in a way that is meaningful for them, where they're at, in their leadership, they're not going to progress to the next level, which means that you're cutting off a long line of potential leaders behind them that are coming up. You're prolonging your stint leading that same thing and that means you're not going to be freed up to do the next thing that you need to do.

It is a simple as sitting across from someone saying, "Tell me about yourself. What makes you tick? What encourages you? What is the best way I can come alongside you? What challenges you? What are some hard things that you want some help with? What are some strengths that you really want to lean into?" Work out a plan together of how you're going to do that and what you'll find is not only are you're going to raise up an awesome army of leaders behind you who are going to take your organization and your vision farther than you've ever dreamed. You're also going to have a really cool core team of friends who you know, if you get a new vision of something, you could probably tap into them and leverage them in unique and new ways.

So it's an exciting thing as a leader when you reach that point of freedom where you're comfortable with working yourself out of a job because you are excited and exhilarated about what that means for not only your leadership, but the leaders you're bringing up behind you. Because who knows, I could be pouring into the next Gandhi or the next Martin Luther King or the next Mother Teresa and I can be part of a chain of people who ignite their leadership and do things for this world that I could never have done.

Harmony Hensley

Harmony Hensley is a speaker, entrepreneur and board vice president of Bespoken Live. She is also an Ambassador for 99 balloons, seeking to change the story of disability globally.

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