Amy Jo Martin - Leadercast 2020

When Amy Jo Martin, a digital media pioneer, and best-selling author, decided to go against the status quo and do things her own way, her boss labeled her a “renegade” and she’s owned the term ever since. In her talk at Leadercast 2020—Positive Disruption, Amy encourages leaders to lead like renegades for positive disruption. “Renegades are all about positive disruption, not destruction,” she says. “Renegades are constantly asking, ‘Why not now? Why not me?’ They go from the known into the unknown... Renegades are definitely comfortable with getting uncomfortable. They thrive and crave that feeling.” She shares five rules for establishing a renegade mindset.

     1. Understand the worst-case scenario

     2. Don't give yourself an out

     3. Leverage adversity

     4. Be hyperaware of your mental, physical and emotional awareness

     5. Have strong operating and belief systems

    why not now? why not me?

    Amy Jo Martin

    Named one of the most powerful women on Twitter by Forbes, Amy Jo Martin helps people and businesses revolutionize their brands. She is an author of “Renegades Write the Rules,” host of the acclaimed “Why Not Now?” podcast and founder...

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