Aim and Shoot

When have you chosen to "put a stake in the ground?"


While it is important to conduct research, develop a strategy, make a plan, discuss options and best practices, Mike McGalliard, founding Executive Director of Imagination Foundation, says that eventually you have to just “aim and shoot.”

In this short video, Mike describes the benefits of “putting a stake in the ground” and the obstacles that may stop you.

My team will tell you I probably have a lot of clichés that I use. One is I say, "You know, we’ve just got to put our stake in the ground." Because you can spend a lot of time just thinking and planning, and that's important but at some point you just have to make a decision and likely it'll be wrong at some point. It won't be 100% right and, okay, then you got to kind of go with it and be ready to pull back or reshape it or rework it. That's a fact but at some point you've just got to put your stake in the ground.

As one mentor told me, "Just aim and shoot." You aim and shoot. You have to do that at some point. And I think we get so scared of failure. I get so scared of making the wrong move that I can get a little paralyzed. But you do your best planning and at some point you just go for it.

Mike McGalliard

Mike McGalliard is the President and Executive Director for the Imagination Foundation. For the last 22 years Mike has enjoyed starting up a few successful organizations in the education space, including LA’s Promise, which was awarde...

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