A Rhythm for Healthy Teams

Establish a balance between orchestrating and evaluating.


In this backstage interview from Leadercast Live 2019, leadership communicator and author Andy Stanley discusses why leaders must set a rhythm of orchestration and evaluation for building a winning team.

“Orchestration is what causes an organization to stand out, but there has to be the rhythm,” says Andy. “You’ll get old and stale if you don’t evaluate, but you’ll be so unpredictable that you lose your distinctive if you don’t orchestrate as well. It’s a rhythm.”

Watch the video to hear from Andy about the rhythm between orchestrating and evaluating.

- Orchestration is intentionally passing along strategy and wisdom. 
- Evaluation is leaving room for new ideas.
- Healthy organizations have a rhythm for doing both.

Years ago, really just evaluating our organization when it was in a really, really healthy spot and asking the question, “Why does this work so well and what’s transferable?” As a result of lots of conversations with our leadership team, and again trying to figure how do we teach this to the next generation of leaders in our organization do strategically maybe what we’re doing intuitively. We just tried to document what we do. It came down to defining what exactly are we here to do and why everybody should be able to answer the questions, “What are we doing, why are we doing it and where do I fit in?” That’s a big part of it because leaders like to win and if you don’t identify the win, it’s hard to win.

And then trying to keep our organization in this rhythm of orchestrating and evaluating, orchestrating and evaluating. Orchestration is, “This is how we do it here and this is how we do it now.” And evaluation is, “How do we make it better, how do we make it better?” Those were two rhythms that we were very much bought into. So I just began teaching that, so we keep doing what we’re doing because if you don’t know why it’s working when it’s working, you cannot fix it when it breaks.

When people hear the rhythm of orchestration, evaluation sometimes they get a bit stuck on the orchestrating part and say, “Yeah but, don’t you get in a rut, and if you do it the same way all the time doesn’t it become impersonal over time?” That’s why really there has to be both. There has to be orchestration and evaluation, which means if evaluation is a part of the rhythm of the organization there should be opportunities and ways for even new people to bubble up new ideas or new approaches to old ideas. And if you lose your distinctive, especially in a competitive industry, if you don’t have a distinctive you’re dead in the water. There has to be something that stand out, and orchestration is what causes an organization to stand out. But there has to be the rhythm. You’ll get old and stale if you don’t evaluate, but you’ll be so unpredictable that you lose your distinctive if you don’t orchestrate as well. It’s a rhythm.

Andy Stanley

Leadership communicator, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries Andy Stanley inspires tens of thousands of people. Andy founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995, leading six churches in the Atlan...

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