A Daily Exercise to Increase Positivity

What are three positive things that happened to you today?


Research shows that successful leaders have the ability to create positive emotion in the people around them. Believe it or not, you can learn to be more positive in your own life and how to engage positivity in others.

Dr. Jeffery Baker
, clinical psychologist and executive coach, offers a daily exercise you can do to add positivity to your perception, thoughts and intentions.

Research has indicated that one of the criterion in top leaders is their ability to create positive emotion. Positive emotion is infectious, and a lot of the people that I work with they come in the door, they're not fun people. That's one of the things where they get stuck, in their ability to create positive emotion, and so we have to teach them that skill on learning how to create a lifestyle that's positive and you engage positive emotion.

One of the little exercises I have people do, especially when I first start working with them because, again, these people aren't very fun, so one of the things that I do is just simple to start every day, three things that went well. Managers, they always think about everything that goes bad, right? What were the three things that happened today that went well? Just a small exercise to start moving people in terms of their perceptions, their thoughts, and even their attention, what are you paying attention to all day?

It's not the good things, it's not the incredible things that people do. It's what people do wrong. That sucks the life out of you. Now, which is more contaminating and, and which lights up your brain more, a negative emotion or a positive emotion? When you look at positron emission tomography, PET scans, you can see the brain lights up with positive emotion.

When you think about that open loop system, can I bum people out more than I can infect them with appreciation? Oh, my appreciation skills light up people like a Christmas tree in their brain, so there is absolute evidence that positive emotions are infectious, are energizing, and have much more effect on behavior than negative emotions.

Dr. Jeffery Baker

Jeffery Baker, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist. He has been a health care provider for over 30 years. He is married and has two children.

Dr. Baker has been involved in individual, family, and group counseling with adul...

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