5 Tips for Hiring Great Talent

Are you filling a position or finding a quality team member?


As an expert in talent acquisition, Syrine Reese has seen the successes and pitfalls of hiring. In this video, she gives five helpful tips on how to choose the best people for your team. She begins by explaining that hiring a new team member often gets misconstrued with filling a seat. The panic about the loss of productivity after losing a colleague sets in, and there’s a rush to fill that empty chair. Syrine cautions against this mentality, because as she says, “quality goes out the window.”

After hearing from Syrine on these five tips, use them in the process of hiring your text team member. Excellent hiring leads to excellent culture, and that’s the hope of having a great team.

So, one of the major misconceptions - I've been in human resources, talent acquisition for about ten years and working with hiring managers even when I wasn't in TA, talent acquisition. I was a business partner, etc., one of the greatest misconceptions is, "I need to fill the job now." That is the biggest mistake. Recognizing that there's a vacancy factor, which equates to dollars for an organization, but when your approach is, "I need to fill the job now," quality goes out the window.

It's not that you need to fill the job now. You need talent. You need to find talent. When you say, "I just need to fill this seat," that's what you get. You get exactly what you ask for. And so, there has to be intentionality around the goals for the person who's going to do the job.

So, one, you have to be very, very clear that you're not looking to just put a person in the seat. You're looking for talent, long-term talent.

Two, be very clear about how that person is expected to accomplish those goals. I'm talking short-term as well as long-term.

Three, begin with where you see this role going in the future. So, if you're hiring a medical biller or someone in that profession, ultimately do you think you'll need a supervisor? Or are you looking for someone to sit in this role for years? There's a very clear distinction around that. And there's a profile associated with each of those individuals. So, you have to be very clear about that.

Four, you have to have very realistic expectations. What are you willing to be flexible about and what are the must haves? The must haves must align to executing whatever task, whatever goal you have for that individual.

And the other, number five, I would say is make hiring a priority. With recruiters, if it's not at the top of mind for you, why should it be at the top of mind for them? You have to be willing to invest the time, the energy, resources, work your network and be willing to be up front and be very clear about what it is that you want.

So, I would say those are the five most important components necessary in order to identify a successful hire, not people, not butt in seats, but talent that can grow long term in your organization.

Syrine Reese

With nearly 20 years of progressive and diverse human resources experience, Syrine A. Reese is recognized as a successful organizational change agent, builder, mentor, community leader, entrepreneur, and mother of two.


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