4 Myths of Bold Leadership

Are you guilty of believing these four bold-leadership myths?


Author, speaker and leadership communicator Andy Stanley busts several myths associated with bold leadership. The myths are:

1. Bold leadership is reserved for bold people.
2. Bold leadership is reserved for fearless people.
3. Bold leadership requires a specific gift or talent.
4. Bold leadership is for the ultrasmart or the ultraresourced.

Watch the video to hear Andy discuss why anyone, no matter their title or talents, has the potential to exhibit bold leadership.

Let's talk about some bold leadership myths, four, really quick. The first one is simply this; that bold leadership is reserved for bold people. Not true. Bold leadership is not reserved for bold people. This has nothing to do with a personality trait.

This is not simply a conference for extroverts. All the introverts in the room, you're going to be fine. This is not a conference just for extroverts. In fact, how many introverts… and I know if you're introverts you don't even want to raise your hands. But let's just kind of, you know… all of the introverts, high and bold. This might be the boldest thing you've ever done. Right, there it is, you raised your hand in public. It's dark. Nobody can see you. Right.

The other myth is simply this; that bold, and this is important, that bold leadership is somehow reserved for fearless people. Absolutely not the case. In fact, the greatest insight you may get from me all day is this next one.

All the fearless people are dead. Everybody has fear. Your fear isn't going to go away until you're dead. So all the fearless people are dead. Everybody has fear, so bold leadership is not about somehow having no fear.

The third myth is simply this. That bold leadership requires some sort of specific gift or talent. Not the case. In fact, as my dad has told me my entire life, "Andy, if you're not careful your giftedness will get in the way of your potential." That sometimes extraordinarily gifted people or talented people lean so heavily into their gift or their talent, they miss opportunities. This has nothing to do with a specific gift. It has nothing to do with a specific talent.

And the last one; that bold leadership is for the ultrasmart or the ultraresourced. Now, let me tell you a secret about really, really smart people, about the ultra smart. This will help you. This helps me tremendously, or maybe it's just a defense mechanism for me because I made Bs. It's simply this. Sometimes the super smart people are so smart they talk themselves out of really good ideas because they know 25 reasons why it shouldn't work because they're so smart.

Us B and C people, we are not quite smart enough to know that we shouldn't try. Right? And then you can hire all those A students to work for you later, OK? So this has nothing to do with IQ and it has nothing to do with being ultraresourced. Think about it.

Every success story you've heard, every success story you've heard except for a few, few exceptions, people did not start off with resources. People started off with an idea. People didn't start off because they were resourced, they started off because they were committed to getting something done and they found the resources.

So if you're in this room, introvert, extrovert, bold, not bold, in charge of something, not in charge of something, resourced, not resourced, talented, not sure you have a talent, not even sure you could correctly spell talent, it doesn't matter. You have the potential. This is what we want you to hear starting off today. You have the potential to exhibit bold leadership.

Andy Stanley

Leadership communicator, best-selling author and founding pastor of North Point Ministries Andy Stanley inspires tens of thousands of people. Andy founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995, leading six churches in the Atlan...

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