4 Keys to Career Happiness and Self-Motivation

Are you on the path to career happiness?


Career happiness is not simply a myth. In this video, Julie Bauke of The Bauke Group identifies the foundation of career happiness.

Discover how you can change the trajectory of your career by doing what you like, what you're good at, what you can get paid for doing and that is demanded by the market.

When it comes to career happiness, and this is for everybody whether you are in a leadership role or an individual contributor role, whether you are a professional athlete or you're an actor whatever you are, it's four things. Doing what you like to do or hopefully, if you're lucky, what you love to do. So you really need to like what you're doing.

The second is something you're good at, maybe even great at. So when we can like something and we're good at something we're a good portion of the way there. The third part, of course, is it has to be something we can get paid to do. It has to be something that the market demands. So if you're looking to make six figures for a job that in the market pays $30,000 a year you're probably going to spend a lot of time being frustrated trying to find it. So all this has to align. You have to find something you like to do, that you're good at, that someone will pay you to do, the market has to have demand for it, and the fourth one is in a place and a way that you can be successful.

This gets to what we commonly refer to as culture. Where do you fit? No one is a fit at every type of organization in every culture nor should you want to be. You may think, "Gee, if you're in human resources or finance you can go anywhere and work." But that's not true. Not every place is a fit for you. Are you a person who thrives in a very structured culture? Then you want to find a structured culture where there is a lot of direction. But if you are somebody who just really chafes at the idea of having all that structure and all those rules then don't think you can go be happy there regardless of how much you love your job.

And so when we get really clear on what those four things are as an individual we can work toward getting there. As a leader though, understanding it's not necessarily your role to create that for someone because we all have to be at our core responsible. But as a leader you do have some leeway in terms of how you help people understand what is going to make them happy at work and how you can provide it.

Julie Bauke

Julie Bauke is The Chief Career Happiness Officer of The Bauke Group. She is as serious about your Career Happiness as she is her own — and she is deadly serious about hers.

She started The Bauke Group after a lifetime of bel...

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