3 Steps to Making a Change in Your Career

What do you want to do more of, less of and never again?


Thinking about making a change in your career? Julie Bauke, strategic career advisor and workplace expert at The Bauke Group, shares three steps leaders can take to figure out how to move forward in their careers.

“When executives come to us, we walk them through a process to help them figure out how to move forward,” explains Julie. Watch the video to hear her three steps to making a change in your career.

When executives come to us, we walk them through a process to help them figure out how to move forward. The first step clearly, is diagnosis. What's going right where you are? What's not going right? We have them answer three key but seemingly very simple questions. What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of? And what do you never want to do again? It is amazing if you just take the time to answer those three questions. It gives you great clarity in terms of how you want to move forward and where you want to go on the path to what's next. So, the diagnosis piece, you really can't do a good job until you're able to step back and figure out where you sit right now and how you might move forward using that information.

So, after you have answered some of those key questions, you have greater clarity about who you are and what you want moving forward. The next step is to really get real. Really think about, is what you want to do realistic today? We advise our clients to take a long-term view of their career. Look ahead. What's your runway? If it's something that you know you really want to do, can you do it right away? With many people, the answer is no. You might have obligations, family, financial obligations. You might have some other things you need to take care of first, but don't lose sight of that vision. Really say, "Okay, this is what I want to do. This is how I think I can get more of this in my life. And this is where I think I can find it. When can I do it?"

So, taking that long range of you and saying, "Okay, in three years, the kids will all be through college," or, "In five years, we'll be in this different situation as a family," or, "I as a professional, I can afford to take that leap." The key here is to not figure it out then put it on the shelf and never look at it again. A lot of the stuff takes real good solid planning. And so, you can get discouraged very easily if you say, "I want to do this, but I know that's not possible right now."

What too many of us do is once we get to that point and we have that aha moment, we go back to doing things the way we were always doing them. And then another 10, 20 years goes by and we're still in the same miserable place. Don't be that person. It's a terrible way to live to get to the point where we say, "I think I know what I want to do," and then we get easily discouraged.

But I'm telling you the most important thing you could do is begin to act. There's something so powerful about being in action and at least starting to connect with people, gather more information, maybe save money, connect with your financial planner, start to build your resources in the community that can help you get from point A to point B. There's something magical and beautiful about that, and it actually starts advancing your goals so you don't pull out your plan five years later and realize you're right where you started.

Julie Bauke

Julie Bauke is The Chief Career Happiness Officer of The Bauke Group. She is as serious about your Career Happiness as she is her own — and she is deadly serious about hers.

She started The Bauke Group after a lifetime of bel...

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