3 Steps to Finding a Mentor

What does it take to find a lasting mentor?


Syrine Reese, senior manager of recruiting and staffing at Mount Sinai Medical Center, discusses three steps to follow when pursuing a mentor:

1. Recognize that you have to be vulnerable.
2. Begin with the end in mind.
3. Reach out.

Watch the video to hear Syrine explain how each of these steps should be utilized when searching for a mentor.

How does a mentee reach out to find that person? I think there's a level of vulnerability. I think it starts there. It starts with recognizing where you want to be directionally. It doesn't have to be dead on. I know I want to be a CHRO or a head of a function, but it has to be a) I know that I have to be vulnerable because I have to recognize there are many, many things that I don't know, and I could potentially benefit from someone to pass on that knowledge to me. So, that's one. Recognize that you have to be vulnerable.

Also, begin with the end in mind, right? It's really important to begin with the end in mind. You have to know where you intend on going in order for someone to help you kind of make that pathway to get there.

And then don't be afraid. Reach out. I mean, I think there's a misconception that everybody's busy. Everybody's not busy. People make time for things that matter to them. Connect yourself with individuals that have an interest in not only you particularly but in moving the world forward. Then you can find a mentor. But you have to ask for one. You can't sit and wait.

There's a level of humility. I think that's very, very important, not only for the mentee but for the mentor because I do believe that relationship is one that is mutually beneficial. That's important.

So, for the mentee, I definitely say you really, really want to be vulnerable. You want to put yourself out there, recognize there are many things that you don't know and also have some humility, kind of be humble and walk into it with this sense of needing to learn. And then I think you can find the person that you'll match up with. But also recognize you can learn from many, many different people. There doesn't have to be one person. And so it's all about creating networks that can help you discover who you want to be when you grow up.

Syrine Reese

With nearly 20 years of progressive and diverse human resources experience, Syrine A. Reese is recognized as a successful organizational change agent, builder, mentor, community leader, entrepreneur, and mother of two.


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