3 Pieces of Advice for Millennials

Do you have a degree of separation with technology?


Glen Jackson, co-founder of marketing communications agency Jackson Spalding, shares the three pieces of advice he gives to the millennials who work for him.

“Almost 65 percent of our agency consists of millennials,” says Glen. “I'm a big believer in this generation. I think they're fabulous. They motivate me every day to be the best leader of an organization I can be.”

Watch the video to learn the three tips Glen has for millennials to help them succeed and be the best leaders they can be.

The millennial generation at our agency is fundamentally essential to our success. I'm a big believer in this generation. I think they're curious, I think they're committed, I think they're driven, I think they're exceptionally smart, and sometimes they get a bad rap.

Almost 65 percent of our agency consists of millennials. They don't like that phrase but I'll use it. I think in talking to this generation, I have three children who are in this generation, there's a couple of pieces of advice I would give them. That advice is, one, be patient, take the small steps and it will lead to bigger opportunities. All success is sequential. So, be patient.

No. 2 is always remember that time consists of two things. There's be-time and there's due-time. There's a lot of due-time with this generation. Find time to have be-time to be still, to be quiet, to be alone, to be without technology, because you want to control technology. You don't want technology to control you.

I think our world, our society, needs more detachment from technology. It's almost as if we need to have a Sabbath day for technology. When you do that, you refresh yourself. So, I hope this generation will find time to do that.

As I've talked before, success is sweaty. It's not sexy. It takes time, it's arduous, there's nothing glamorous about it, and sometimes you gotta slow down to speed up in life. Take a deep breath, to just relax and literally unplug. But I'm a big believer in this generation. I think they're fabulous. They motivate me every day to be the best leader of an organization I can be.

I think the third thing to always remember for all generations is we all want this kind of wealth. You want to have and achieve relational wealth. Everyone can be relationally rich. And, it's a good reminder for this younger generation to invest in relationships.

Relationship building is so important. It's a commitment to establishing and investing in relationships that genuinely matter. It's more quality than quantity of friends quite frankly. It's not a task, it's a commitment. It is the better way. Networking is the typical way to go the relationship-building way. Create relational wealth and watch what happens.

You want to be narrow and deep with the relationships you have, and you want to be seen as someone who has just a wonderful group of friends and can really be a great friend back to them. Relationship building, no matter where technology takes us, will always be and should be at the center of what we do in business.
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Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson co-founded Jackson Spalding in 1995. He provides leadership for the agency, many of its clients and organizations looking for inspiration. He has special expertise in real estate, professional services, crisis communicat...

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