3 Keys to Pitching Kat Cole

What is most needed to persuade others when negotiating?


As a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Kat Cole, has learned the power of good negotiation and deal making. In this video, Kat talks about three essential elements of a good persuasion: authenticity, passion and capability, and something special. Understanding the necessity of these three simple elements can take your negotiation and deal making to an entirely new level.

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If someone is pitching me or looking to pitch me, what I'm looking for is an insane level of authenticity. If they're already in a pitch starting to cover up something that I can smell is off, the relationship would not go well with me as an investor. So I'm looking for authenticity, and that may come in the form of admitting mistakes, it may come in the form of if there is a question, the way they respond even if they don't know the answer, but authenticity is one of the first things that I'm really looking for.

The second is just crazy, both passion and capability around whatever the product or service is. And a lot of people say I'm just looking for a passionate founder that can figure out anything. I think that's BS. You need passion and capability. Then they don't have to be the one that's the expert, but they better have it on their team or have a plan to get it, because if I'm going to invest and not own and operate the company, it's their job to bring that capability along with the passion.

And then I would say third, it's got to be something that is special. And it doesn't have to be a new product but maybe its delivery mechanism is different, or maybe the route to market for the service is different. There needs to be some uniqueness and differentiator, otherwise, you're not like one in a million, you're one of a million.

So I look for those three things. I will interrupt if I feel a sense of lack of authenticity, or if I don't feel that their message is clear. If I start to get a little muddy and I'm actually confused at what your business does, I'll interrupt right away. One, I don't want someone to waste their time. Two, I don't want to waste my time.

Kat Cole

Kat Cole’s twitter handle reads “Connected-Creative-Conscious-Community building Capitalist, Biz Advisor, MBA, Coffee-loving Chronic Learner” – this not only describes her as a person, it describes the philosophies she applies to busi...

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