3 Elements of Engaging Your Audience

Where is the natural collision of storytelling and the business world?


In this video, author and writer Jennifer Franklin ties together the worlds of storytelling and business. Just as in storytelling, there are three key elements every great business has: They tell a story that tugs at your heartstrings, they offer a new perspective that could potentially be a business view shift, and they motivate action.

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What I've learned from my career as a storyteller is that there are three important elements for any successful story. They tug at your heartstrings, they offer you a new perspective and then they motivate action. And I think that where the world of magazine writing or storytelling or book writing really collides with a leadership environment is that those three elements are super important for a leader to engage their audience.

They want to create a story that tugs at the heartstrings of who's listening. They want to offer a new perspective that could potentially even be a worldview shift or a business view shift, and then they want to motivate action. So that is a natural collision of worlds that business leaders can certainly learn from the world of writing.

Jennifer Franklin

Jennifer Bradley Franklin is an Atlanta-based multi-media journalist, storyteller, editor and author. Her work appears in USA Today, Delta SKY, American Way, People, Food Network , Southbound, Flavors, Hospitality Design, Time.com, South...

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