Training and Development

Studies show that job-related training increases the efficiency, accuracy and career satisfaction of employees. If you invest in your staff, they will be more likely to stay invested in the organization (retention). Training and development are an organization’s education initiatives designed to increase and improve the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of its team members. For many organizations, this falls under human resources, but it varies depending on the company, business, and industry. Some companies require formal, consistent and ongoing employee training, while others make it voluntary.

It is up to leaders to ensure their employees have the time and resources to complete training. However, employee development should be viewed as the responsibility of both employees and leaders. As employees seek new challenges and opportunities, they should take ownership of their development, seeking and suggesting programs to ensure they continue to be valuable to the organization now and in the future.

Training and development are powerful for organizations, leaders and employees alike. Watch the following videos to learn what you can do as a leader to train, develop and, in turn, retain your talent. 

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