Strategic Vision

It’s no longer enough to simply have a vision for where you want to be in the future. In order to actually get there in the most efficient way possible, you must incorporate strategy into the mix. Often, businesses know what they want to do but aren’t clear on why they want to do it. If you don't know why you’re going in the direction you’re headed, it will be easy to deviate from your plan. A strategic vision should answer the question of why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it. 

As leaders, we are programmed to want to do something that makes a difference. When we are involved with a project that has meaning and purpose, we are inspired to work harder and go the extra mile. Your organization’s strategic vision should light a fire in your team to keep pushing forward. And if your team doesn’t sense that you’re 100 percent committed to the goal, you can bet they won’t commit either.

A strategic vision is what moves us toward our preferred future with little deviation. Watch the videos below to hear from experts and everyday leaders about this topic.

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