People First

People-first leaders do just that: put the needs of others first, and the mission of the organization ahead of their own personal goals. These are the world’s mentors; they focus on developing others and continually pour into those around them.  If you are a people-first leader, you genuinely value people; showing respect and support for others is at the core of who you are. 


Leaders Worth Following are people-first leaders; they place a high level of importance on developing authentic relationships and in fact, they value those relationships over the profit they might gain from them. Their personal and professional core value is serving others.


Examples of People-First in leadership include:

  * Being as concerned (or more) about people as profit

  * Intentionally developing and mentoring others

  * Finding value in people, not just in what they can produce 

  * Developing authentic relational business – not merely transactional


“True leaders understand that it’s not about them – it is about the people they serve both internally and externally to their organization. It’s not about promoting yourself; it’s about consistently and authentically serving others.” – Duane Cummings, CEO, Leadercast


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