Organizational Development

Organizational development is an intentional process designed to increase the performance of an organization and the effectiveness of its people. Done successfully, it aligns with an organization’s values and culture, focusing on achieving results not only through efficient processes and systems but also through the involvement, support and positive growth of employees.

Best championed by an organization’s leaders and implemented collaboratively throughout an enterprise, organizational development applies scientific principles of human behavior and a “human-first” approach to achieving success. In order for an organization to grow, its people must have clear and honest communication about the vision; understand the application and objectives of changes in process or structure, and recognize that they are valued participants in the decision-making process. It is this environment that encourages people within organizations to not only accept the changes that organizational development brings, but also empowers them to take ownership for implementing those changes.

Watch the videos below for wisdom from leaders like yourself about how to advance your organization.

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