Negotiation and Deal Making

When you hear the word “negotiation” your mind may instantly go to an attorney or a courtroom, but negotiation exists everywhere. As leaders, we enter into negotiations on a daily basis. Being able to negotiate and come to an agreement with another party is a large part of what makes a good leader—not because they negotiate to get what they want, but because they know which negotiations are actually worth their time and effort. 

When it comes to negotiation and deal-making within the organization itself, as a leader you must have the best interest of your people in mind. When your team trusts you enough to state their concerns and wants, it opens the door for healthy conflict. It isn’t natural for everyone to always agree on everything, which is why you should encourage your team to bring their concerns to the table. From there, your team can negotiate the best solution or answer to that problem. 

Watch the videos below to learn how to improve your negotiation skills for yourself, your team and your organization. 

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